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Slc GREEN Sustainability Certification

Sustainability is an increasing concern for travellers, and a growing are voting with their wallets by choosing accommodations that provide sustainable or environmentally-friendly options.

The negative impact of the tourism sector is something consumers are increasingly concerned about. Awareness has grown around the huge emissions from air travel, the social harm caused by over-tourism, and the environmental destruction that can be caused by the development of tourist infrastructure — especially in ecologically sensitive areas.

With these premises, sustainable holidays are necessary not just to improve our Country, they also help the tourism industry operators and the local communities involved. Once just simply a social phenomenon, this form of tourism is now becoming an essential income source for the local economy and an opportunity for everyone.

As well as the satisfaction of travelling without damaging the environment, sustainable holidays also offer the tourist numerous other tangible benefits. These include:

– increasing physical exercise and reducing stress

– saving money by reducing costs and consumption

– the possibility to combine a variety of different experiences

– fostering cultural exchange

– protecting historic and artistic heritage

– conserving local resources

– creating positive, contagious energy

In this context, to be recognized by our already existing and new potential business partners (Travel Agencies, MICE Companies, Wedding planners, etc.) as a Tour Operator that is placing sustainability at the heart of its core business, is our challenge for the next years.

Travel with zero impact to discover the most beautiful country in the world: we can and we must!

SLC – VIP Hospitality Services, thanks to the partnership with Klimapatenschaft Tourismus GmbH is the first Italian Tour Operator providing eco certifications.

Particularly, in order to improve the sustainability performance of the accommodations in our portfolio, we decided to use the certification standard for sustainable holiday apartments by Klimapatenschaft.

The certification includes criteria regarding:

Energy – Apartments that use green energy for electricity and heating or produce their own energy

CO2 – Apartments that offer the possibility of CO2 compensation to their guests or offer climate-neutral accommodations

Water – Apartments that use at least 3 different sustainable water solutions (flow limiters for water connections, water-saving shower heads, water-saving single-lever fittings in washbasins and showers, stop function or economy button for toilets, ecological cleaning products)

Waste – Apartments that separate waste in paper, glass, plastics and organic waste

Furnishment – Apartments that use 2 different sustainable furnishments (e.g. wooden furniture, reusable shopping bags, sustainable bed linen, upcycled furniture, plastic free kitchen items, high cultural value, etc.)

Mobility – Apartments that offer sustainable mobility solutions to their guests (e.g. bikes, chargers for e-mobility, free or reduced public transportation, shuttle)

Communication – Apartments that communicate at least 4 of their sustainability measure

By creating an “SLC climate-neutral accommodation” label, we aim to become a pionner Eco Tour Operator in the areas where we operate. We also expect that – thanks to this international tandem with a German innovative start-up – this pilot project could represent a positive exemple which other European enterprises of tourism field will be able to follow and to enrich with their specific skills and competences.


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