Colors at the Castle

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Colors at the Castle

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With its powerful structure, this charming Castle rises on a gentle hill, in the heart of the Chianti region, at a small distance from the border of the ancient Republic of Siena and Florence.
The building is set amid sun-kissed fields and vineyards, first belonged to the Benedictine monks.
Today the Castle still has its massive 15th century fortifications with an imposing cylindrical tower built as protection against artillery fire. But there is also the aristocratic grace of the villa, with its sequence of furnished and decorated rooms, and an unparalleled 18th century theatre.

The Castle welcomes visitors, tourists and nature lovers with its production of a vast range of natural products, which are made by combining ancient agricultural traditions and modern technology.


Through the language of color, participants will be able to leave mind and imagination to get in touch with their most creative side, “artistically” making team. Each team must carry a portion of the painting. Upon completion of activity, all teams collaborate to assemble the pieces to form a unique and evocative work of great emotional impact!
Under the guide of an artists’ team, participants will be able to extract colors from rocks and roots, but also learn different painting techniques and create an authentic masterpiece!

Duration: from 3 hours to 1 day
Participants: from 20 to 200


– Visit at the Castle, tasting of wines and Cinta Senese DOP.
– One day walking tour of Siena, a magnificent city of art with characteristic alleys, wards (rioni) and towers, artisan shops and buildings.


Firenze Peretola 42 Km
Pisa San Giusto 87 km
Perugia Sant’Egidio 96 km
Rimini Miramare 114 Km
Bologna Guglielmo Marconi 119 km

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Complimentary handmade French painter beret for the participants!

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