Be the protagonist of “a Good Year”!

- Marche

Be the protagonist of “a Good Year”!

Be the protagonist of “a Good Year”!

- Marche


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The history: an aristocratic family of Marche, a sincere passion for the land and a steady commitment to the best cultivation techniques, as well as high quality standards for wine-production.

The location: a place of absolute beauty and charm. Enter through the main gate to discover its perfectly manicured lawns, expanses of vines, boxwood hedges, carefully placed flowers, stark white paths, snow-capped mountains in the distance, and an ideal blend of classic statues and sculptures created by contemporary artists, and drawing on Master of the House’s passion for art.


A very friendly and extremely interesting and engaging team building. Participants, divided into teams, will be involved in a wine tasting / lesson where they will enjoy, take notes and express opinions. The experiential part will end with a very funny “wine game” between puzzles and skill tests about the “nectar of the Gods”!
Duration: 3/4 hours
Participants: from 15 to 20


– guided tour of the historic wine cellar and the majestic estate;
– escorted tour of the Fiastra Abbey in Chiaravalle – one of the best preserved Cistercian abbeys in Italy – a real jewel of Romanesque architecture among a gentle countryside crossed by long paths for relaxing walks.


Ancona Falconara 44 Km
Perugia Sant’Egidio 65 km
Rimini Miramare 105 km
Pescara Liberi 114 Km
Roma Ciampino 167 km

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A bottle of select red wine will be offered as a free gift to all participants!

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Wine challenge in the magical silence of The Marches hills

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